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Managed accounts for a wide array of client needs

Solutions can be deployed via inCadense across investment minimum, portfolio structure, market segment, account purpose, total holdings, rebalancing frequency and product use requirements.

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International Portfolios available via inCadense

  • SMA – managed to a specific investment objective according to a single investment management strategy.
  • UMA – managed to achieve a specific asset allocation using multiple investment strategies.
  • Custom – managed on fully bespoke basis, typically for a family office or other ultra-high net worth investor.
  • Portfolio Strategist – managed according to a specific asset allocation from one investment advisor, typically using ETFs, often purposed for the retail segment.
  • Emerging Wealth – managed to enable emerging investors, often with only $10,000 to begin their asset accumulation journey using retail investment funds, including UCITS.
  • Rep as Portfolio Manager – allowing financial advisors to act as their own discretionary portfolio manager.


Efficient investing in UCITS Mutual Funds, domiciled in Luxembourg and Ireland, as well as other offshore fund vehicles.


London-Traded ETFs can be traded alongside long-only mutual funds and deployed for their tax efficiency.


Access to portfolio holdings and transaction history makes it easy to compare performance against goals and objectives.

Foreign Ordinaries

Holdings are not constrained to depository receipts, with securities denominated in multiple currencies via foreign ordinaries


For those relationships that straddle U.S. and offshore needs, access is also available to U.S. Products


Investors have the flexibility to buy or sell specified portfolio holdings in order to manage their wealth needs


Top money managers partner with InCadense so that their best thinking can be extended to international markets


Strategies can be designed for onshore and offshore investing across a wide spectrum of investment objectives

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