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There are many managed account platforms, but none have been designed specifically for international investors. inCadense now brings an international turnkey asset management program - iTAMP™ - to the market.

Global advisory platform, local investment solutions

​inCadense provides its iTAMP™ platform experience whereby the solution is end-to-end, giving the advisor the ability to focus on managing portfolios and supporting clients, not dealing with operations, technology and other product issues.

inCadense provides scale processing and global connectivity to discretionary portfolios 

Muddy Soccer

Implementing bespoke technology and international platform solutions in managed money.

Advisor portal

Advisors use the inCadense platform to establish discretionary relationships, design portfolio solutions for clients, manage portfolios and provide reporting


inCadense works onshore, offshore in support of cross-border investing and in international markets. Client deployments include Europe, Latin America, as well as onshore and offshore U.S. markets.


Trades in portfolios are placed through inCadense via a network of brokers, fund processors supported by the platform. The technology enables trades to be combined with others received on that day. Multiple orders for a particular security are aggregated, with the total order spread out on the market during a specified time period once a day.  This process can result in lower transaction costs for your clients (e.g. less brokerage fees).

Client portal

Client access is through an online portal which provides robust information on portfolios and their performance

Scale Infrastructure

Through our partnerships with select service providers, the technology and operational infrastructure that underpins the platform supports in excess of $1T in assets under management. Users of the service capabilities include some of the largest players in the market today.


inCadense is connected to a network of global custody providers and global trading venues including those that cater to international, offshore and national market (U.S.) business requirements.

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Now available in select markets worldwide.

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