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International Wealth Management Technology Solutions

Purpose-built to enable advisors to invest assets overseas for their international clients.

Professional money management accessible via inCadense managed account solutions

Knowledge and experience are often the two most important qualities that professional money managers possess. Most investment managers work in teams that perform rigorous research and analytical exercises in an effort to make the best, most informed decisions for their clients. InCadense brings technology for these money managers to be used on its iTAMP platform.


With an SMA, you receive regular comprehensive reporting. Your account statements show the securities you own, number of shares and many other details to help you understand how your investments are performing and avoid concentration risk.


Portfolios can be thematic-aligned and faith-based set to meet client investment policy requirements that reflect their personalization.


Some managed portfolios can be customized to suit your clients’ individual needs and preferences. For example, you may be able to swap out one or more investments for another, or for cash. 


Investing responsibly is important to many investors—and as we see it, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are financial considerations, too. That’s why ESG can be integrated into the implementation process across all managed account portfolios—allowing you to engage with companies on the issues.

Personalized approach

Building a separately managed account is just the first step in an ongoing, consultative process. Together, using the inCadense platform, you and your client will work to ensure your portfolio is on track to meet your investing goals. In addition, with certain highly customized portfolios, you may gain access to the professional managers who actively manage your account.

SMAs combine some of the benefits of investing directly with professional money management, within a structure that may be more cost efficient and effective than investing in mutual funds, ETFs, multi-manager and other retail solutions.

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